Why Teakwood Home Temple Or Pooja Ghar For Home?

wooden temple for home

Wooden Mandir

Temple made from wood are considered ideal.As per Rituals Or Vastu Shastra Wooden home temple or mandir are auspicious and provides a religious vibe.At Home temple should be placed facing in northeast direction.But there are certain guidlines for having temple at home.

Handcarved home temple

Handcarving details on mandir provides an satisfaction and good vibe.Our Determined Staffs works hard to provide best handcarving.

wooden temple for home
wooden temple for home

Indian Culture

Almost every hindu household in India has a mandir or home temple.The names as per regions are mandir,pooja ghar,devghar,devara,mandap,makar,mandapam,home temple etc. Aamir Wood Works Provides The Best Handcarved And Handcrafted Burma/Btc Teakwood (Premium Quality) Mandir Or Home Temple.

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