Comfortable Handcarved And Handcrafted ArmChairs

Luxury Armchair

Armchair gives an extra ordinary comfart to the body.Hands are rested on the handle which provides relaxation to Arm muscles.An Excqisite detailing on the Armchair adds a Luxury look.Armchair made with teakwood is like cherry on cake,

Armchair can be used

Armchair can be used in Gardens,Balcony,Living Room,Bed Room,Lobby Which Adds a finishing touch to your Furniture.

wooden arm chair
wooden arm chair

Reclining Armchair

Tilting Mechanism on Armchair Provides Extra Comfort.Roller Wheels Helps the Armchair to move around.One can easily Recline the Armchair And Read a book.

Durable Armchair

There are ton of design to choose.Aamir Wood Works provides durable and strong Armchair.Teakwood Armchair Are 100% Termite Free,100% Water Resistant And 100% Beautiful In Looks.

wooden arm chair
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